TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 3 License Setup: Linux PowerLE & ARM64 : Installing a License Server
Installing a License Server
For served licenses, you must install a License Server on a Linux-x86-64 system. In addition, the license file must reside on the same system.
NOTE >> Served licenses are distributed with the .dat extension. If your license is a binary file (with a .bin extension), see "Installing a Demo or Node-Locked License", as those licenses are not served by a license server
The script Configure_License, included in the TotalView distribution, configures, installs, and starts the FNE license server.
NOTE >> For served license renewal, skip this section and see "Renewing a Served License".
1. Unpack your TotalView distribution on the Linux license server system
To install the FNE license server software, unpack the Linux PowerLE / ARM64 tar bundle onto the Linux x86 64-bit machine that will host the license server in order to run the Install script from the resulting directory:
tar xvf totalview_version_platform.tar -C ~
cd ~/totalview.version
2. Run the Install script using sudo (required)
sudo ./Install
Accept the license terms, then choose an installation directory, e.g. /opt.
At the prompt, select the components to install: just the FNE common files (flexnetls-common.tar.Z).
Once the Install script completes, you should have a flexnetls-version directory under /installdir/toolworks.
3. Install the License File on the License Server system
Place your Rogue Wave provided FNE license file, license.dat into the flexnetls-version directory.
4. Create a dedicated unprivileged user account
NOTE >> Skip this step if you already created the user as a prerequisite to installing and running the License Server as discussed in "Prerequisites".
The Linux-x86-64 system must have a dedicated, unprivileged user account to run the License Server. Note that:
The default user account name is “flexnetls” but you can rename it if you wish.
The account must be a dedicated account in order to run the FNE License Server.
The account must be unprivileged.
The login shell should be /bin/sh.
5. Run the Configure_License script using sudo
cd /opt/toolworks/flexnetls-version
sudo bin/Configure_License
Configure_License is an interactive script that prompts you while it runs. For example, you need to specify a listening port to use (e.g., 7137) and the username for running the FNE license server (created as a prerequisite or in Step 4).
On the Linux PowerLE or ARM64 TotalView host where TotalView will run, set the environment variable TV_LICENSE_FILE to point to the FNE license server using the format port@host.
For example:
7. Test that TotalView can use the license file
Start TotalView on the host Linux PowerLE or ARM64 system and load a debug target.
For example:
TotalView should come up without any licensing dialogs.
To view license details, see Help > About TotalView.