TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 3 License Setup: Linux PowerLE & ARM64 : Installing a Demo or Node-Locked License
Installing a Demo or Node-Locked License
Demo and single-system, node-locked licenses do not need a License Server.
NOTE >> Demo and single-system node licenses are distributed with the .bin extension, since they are binary files. If your license has the .dat extension, it is a served license. Please follow the instructions in the next section, "Installing a License Server".
The license should, by default, reside in the installdir/toolworks/flexnetls-version directory of your TotalView installation.
NOTE >> To install the license file in a non-default directory, set your TV_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to the file's full pathname. For example:
export TV_LICENSE_FILE=nonstandard-dir/license.bin
The license file is attached to the email message confirming your download request or is sent to you from Support. It should be named either license.bin or license_demo.bin. If your email system didn't retain this name, rename it after you save it to disk.
1. Install the license file
Use the same privileges as your TotalView installation. If you used either sudo or the root user, use sudo or the root user, respectively.
Copy the license file to the flexnetls-version directory:
cp license.bin installdir/toolworks/flexnetls-version
cp license_demo.bin installdir/toolworks/flexnetls-version
2. Test that the license file is working
Launch TotalView:
Test a program, for example:
TotalView should come up with no licensing dialogs.
To view license details, see Help > About TotalView.
If you are using a demo license, you will receive a permanent license after you purchase TotalView.