TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 3 License Setup: Linux PowerLE & ARM64
Chapter 3 License Setup: Linux PowerLE & ARM64
NOTE >> These license setup instructions are for the platforms Linux PowerLE and ARM64 only. For all other platforms, see Chapter 2, "License Installation Quick Setup".
Unlike TotalView’s other platforms (which use FlexNet Publisher (FNP) licensing) Linux PowerLE & ARM64 systems use FlexNet Embedded (FNE) licensing. FNE licenses can be served either by an FNE license server or installed locally on the system on which TotalView will run, i.e. called buffer-style.
NOTE >> Demo licenses are essentially buffer-style but are not node-locked to a single machine.
Unlike the FNE licenses, FNP licenses are in a binary format.
See "Prerequisites", then choose either:
"Installing a Demo or Node-Locked License"
"Installing a License Server"