TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License : Creating a FlexNet User Account
Creating a FlexNet User Account
While you can run the FlexNet license manager as root, you should run it as a unique non-privileged (that is, non-root) user. Do this by creating a user account reserved for FlexNet’s use. You many need to refer to your operating system’s documentation or your site’s operating procedures for information on creating this account. The user name does not have to be flexnet. Any unique name will do.
The account from which the license manager is run must have the following properties:
The password is set to ‘*’ because interactive access is not required.
There is a unique user ID.
There is a unique group ID.
The login shell is /bin/sh.
Installing your Permanent License
This procedure is described in Chapter 5, "Installing License Keys".
Accessing a License Server
When you start TotalView, it must be able to find the license.dat file in the flexlm‑version directory. If TotalView and the active license manager are installed on the same host and you place the license.dat file in its default location, you can skip to the next section, "Starting the License Manager Manually".
If you are installing TotalView and the license server on different machines, you will must place a license.dat file within each installation. Do this by copying the license.client file from the license server to flexlm-version/license.dat in each installation. If you are using an existing license server, this is all that you have to do.
The format for the license.client file is:
SERVER host-name host-id port-numberUSE_SERVER
For example:
SERVER fast-server 08122b2cf32d 7127 USE_SERVER
FlexNet ignores all lines after USE_SERVER.