TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License : Starting the License Manager Manually
Starting the License Manager Manually
You can start or stop the license manager by using the toolworks_init script. (This script is created by the Configure_License script when you install the license.) If, for example, the license manager software is installed in /usr/local/toolworks, the following commands start the license manager. Before entering these commands, use the su shell command to become the root user.
In some environments, you’ll need to use the sudo command. If you use this command, you’ll type something like sudo ./toolworks_init start. Also, before you run this program, make sure that you have write permission to this directory.
cd /usr/local/toolworks/flexlm-version/bin
./toolworks_init start
Although the start-up script should be run as super-user (root), the license manager is started using the FlexNet user ID.
Check that the license manager started. Do this by examining the following file: