TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License
Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License
NOTE >> First see the quickstart steps in License Installation Quick Setup to install a new or updated license. This chapter contains detailed insturctions that may be useful for troubleshooting or certain cases.
This chapter describes the procedure for installing or changing a regular license.
To install TotalView software for the first time with a permanent license, begin with the next section.
To create a FlexNet user account, see"Creating a FlexNet User Account".
To install TotalView software and use an existing license, see "Accessing a License Server".
To shutdown and restart the license manager, see "Starting the License Manager Manually".
If you are installing TotalView Individual, the information you need is Chapter 6, "Installing TotalView Individual".
To determine if your license is valid for the release you are installing, see "Is My License Valid for this Release?".