TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 5 Installing License Keys
Chapter 5 Installing License Keys
This chapter describes the procedure for installing or changing a regular license. The topics in this chapter are:
"Step 1: Locating the FlexNet License Server Directory"
"Step 2: Deleting Older License Keys"
"Step 3: Adding New License Keys"
"Step 4: Starting and Stopping the License Server"
"Step 5: Configuring TotalView to Use the License Server"
"Reporting Problems with License Installation"
If you are installing TotalView Individual, the installer will install the license keys for you. SeeChapter 6, "Installing TotalView Individual" for more information.
You must install the FlexNet version license management software on the machine you have selected as your license server. FlexNet is included in the TotalView distribution and was installed by the installation script.