TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 5 Installing License Keys : Step 2: Deleting Older License Keys
Step 2: Deleting Older License Keys
If you received new licenses keys because you moved your server or traded in existing license keys, the older license keys are no longer valid and must be removed in order for you to be in compliance with the Rogue Wave Permanent License Agreement.
If you do not need to remove previous license keys, skip to "Step 3: Adding New License Keys".
The host information and license key information for the license keys that you need to remove are included in the email we sent you. For each of these license keys, that email listed:
The hostname of the license server.
The hostid of the license server.
The FlexNet INCREMENT lines that contain the now invalid license key.
Here is how to remove an invalid license key:
1. Locate the machine that corresponds with the hostid for the invalid key. Since hostnames are dynamic, you can use the ${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_hostid script to validate the hostid of the license server.
The FlexNet hostid is unique for each license server regardless of hostname and IP address changes.
2. Locate the installdir/toolworks/flexlm-version directory on the license server.
3. If necessary, become the root user.
4. Make a temporary backup of the existing ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file. For example:
cp ${FLEXLM}/license.dat ${FLEXLM}/license.dat.bak
5. Using a text editor, edit the ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file to delete the -INCREMENT and comment lines—comment lines begin with ##—matching the key being removed. Save this file.
6. If other license keys still exist in thelicense.dat file, tell the license server to reread the license.dat and verify that these licenses still work. If they do, you can delete the license.dat.bak temporary backup file.
Use the following command to tell the license server to reread your license.dat file:
If no license keys remain in the license.dat file, use the following command to stop the license server:
${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init stop