TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 5 Installing License Keys : Step 3: Adding New License Keys : Revising Your license.dat File
Revising Your license.dat File
If you are currently using TotalView, you need to revise your ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file. You do not need to create a new ${FLEXLM}/license.src file nor do you need to rerun the Configure_License script unless you have deleted or changed the location of the flexlm-version directory.
If the ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file does not exist, you will need to follow the procedure described in "Adding a New license.dat File" at the beginning of this topic. Since Rogue Wave does not resupply all of your license keys when there is a license change, you will need to combine the license keys that you already have with the newly delivered keys.
Here is the procedure for revising your existing license.dat file:
1. Back up your existing ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file. For example,
cp ${FLEXLM}/license.dat ${FLEXLM}/license.dat.bak
2. Using a text editor, edit the ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file and append the new TotalView license keys delivered in this email message to the end of the ${FLEXLM}/license.dat file.
3. Tell the license server to reread your license.dat file:
Step 4: Starting and Stopping the License Server
Run the following command as root to start the license server.
${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init start
As an alternative, you can run the commands within this section as an argument to the sudo command.
If you configured your license server to run as a non-privileged user, the initialization script ensures that the license management daemons are started and run under the non-privileged user even if you run the script as root.
To stop the license manager, become root, and then use the following command:
${FLEXLM}/bin/toolworks_init stop
If you would like the license manager to automatically start when the system is booted, run the following script as root: