TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 5 Installing License Keys : Step 3: Adding New License Keys : Adding a New license.dat File
Adding a New license.dat File
The Configure_License script, which is located in the ${FLEXLM}/bin directory—creates the license.dat file and the toolworks_init script. Configure_License needs to read the license.src file. This file, which you will create, contains TotalView license keys.
Here is the procedure for creating this license.src file:
1. Change to the flexlm-version directory on the license server
cd ${FLEXLM}
2. Copy and paste the new Rogue Wave license keys—this is the information that you received through email—into a file named license.src in the -flexlm‑version directory.
The text in your license.src is derived from your host information, number of license keys, and license configurations.
3. Run the ${FLEXLM}/bin/Configure_License script on the license server. You must run this script while your current directory is flexlm-version. The script creates the following files:
4. Proceed to "Step 4: Starting and Stopping the License Server".