TotalView 2024.1

The TotalView documentation is based on the TotalView debugger's new, modern UI and also includes user guides for MemoryScape for debugging memory errors, and ReplayEngine, a reverse debugging tool. See what's new in TotalView for 2024.1.

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About TotalView 

TotalView provides tools to debug, analyze, and scale high-performance computing (HPC) applications. It also includes specialized memory and reverse debugging tools: 

Memory Debugging  

Improve your applications’ usability by eliminating memory leaks, out-of-bounds memory block overwrites, and improper memory-API use. With the MemoryScape memory debugger in TotalView, you can quickly detect memory errors in your HPC applications. See the user guide:

Debugging Memory Problems with MemoryScape

 Reverse Debugging

Work backward in time to find the cause of problems. See the user guide:

Reverse Debugging with Replay Engine