TotalView for HPC Licensing
NOTE: If you have not yet installed TotalView or wish to reinstall, see Installing TotalView. To renew or update an existing license, see Chapter 8, Updating or Renewing a License.
TotalView for HPC installations require a license server. You may have installed TotalView on the machine that will host the license server, or on a client machine that will point to the license server:
*For the machine hosting the license server:
*The license server will be installed and configured in an additional directory created by the license server software installation, not by the TotalView installation.
*The license will be either a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) or a FlexNet Embedded (FNE) style license
*For a client machine pointing to the license server for its licensing information, either install a license server pointer file in the FNP_license or FNE_license directory created by the TotalView installer, or set an environment variable to point to the license, either LM_LICENSE_FILE for an FNP style license, or TV_LICENSE_FILE for FNE.
You do not need to install a license server; instead, whomever administers the license server will need to provide you with a license: