TotalView 2022.4
This help set features of TotalView’s new modern UI. See the user guide for concept information and tutorials. See the Reference Guide for CLI commands, options, variables, transformations, and system requirements.
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New in TotalView 2022.4
TotalView 2022.4 includes the following primary new or updated features. For a complete change history for TotalView, MemoryScape and ReplayEngine, see the TotalView Change Log on the TotalView documentation page on the website.
AMD GPU Debugging
This release adds support for debugging AMD GPUs, including support for versions 5.1 and 5.2 of the ROCm software stack for GPU programming, and debugging HIP (Heterogeneous Interface for Portability) and MPI code running on AMD MI50, MI100, and MI200 series of GPUs. See the Release Notes for more detail.
Startup Performance Enhancements
Improved performance for runtime linking.
New Array View
The new Array View enables focused debugging of array data. This new view has been combined with the existing Array Statistics View to provide broader support for visualizing and debugging arrays. See the Release Notes for more detail.
Minimum System Requirements
Minimum requirements for running TotalView have been updated for some platforms:
*Linux x86-64:
*CentOS: CentOS 7.9/RHEL 7.9, upgraded from CentOS 7.0
Ubuntu: 18.04, from 16.04
*macOS: Big Sur, from High Sierra
*Linux PowerLE
*CentOS: CentOS 7.5/RHEL 7.5, upgraded from CentOS 7.0
Ubuntu: 18.04, from 16.04