TotalView : TotalView User Guide : PART II Debugging Tools and Tasks : Debugging Python : Viewing and Comparing Python and C/C++ Variables
Viewing and Comparing Python and C/C++ Variables
To compare the data from both sides of the language barriers, click on either the C/C++ frame or the Python frame and observe the values of the local variables in the Local Variables view.
You can drag variables into the Data View to examine and compare them. Alternatively, right-click on the variable name in the Source View and select Add to Data View… from the context menu.
Figure 84 displays variable a from Python frame callFact() added to the Data View. This variable value is passed as argument n in the C frame fact(). Adding n to the Data View allows the values to be compared side-by-side.
NOTE: Python variables are currently read-only in the Data View, indicated by a lock icon.
Figure 84, Comparing Python and C/C++ variables in the Data View