TotalView : TotalView User Guide : PART VI Memory Debugging : Memory Scripting : display_specifiers Command-Line Option
display_specifiers Command-Line Option
-display_specifiers controls information written to the log file.
-display_specifiers “list_item
Specifies one or more items that can be added or excluded from the log file. Separate items with a comma.
list_item values are described in Table 17. Use the prefix no to suppress the display.
Table 17: display_specifiers Command Line Options
Controls display of ...
The allocator for the address space
The backtrace for memory blocks
The backtrace ID for memory blocks
The start and end addresses for a memory block
Memory block flags
The guard ID for memory blocks
The guard settings for memory blocks
The process/library associated with a backtrace frame
The owner of the allocation
The backtrace frame PC
The process PID
The Red Zone entries for allocations and deallocations in the entire address space