MPICH Applications
To debug Message Passing Interface/Chameleon Standard (MPICH) applications, you must use MPICH version 1.2.3 or later on a homogeneous collection of computers. If you need a copy of MPICH, you can obtain it at no cost from Argonne National Laboratory at (We strongly urge that you use a later version of MPICH. For versions that work with TotalView, see TotalView Supported Platforms document in the TotalView distribution at <installdir>/totalview.<version>/doc/pdf or TotalView Supported Platforms on the TotalView documentation website.)
The MPICH library should use the ch_p4, ch_p4mpd, ch_shmem, ch_lfshmem, or ch_mpl devices.
*For networks of workstations, the default MPICH library is ch_p4.
*For shared-memory SMP computers, use ch_shmem.
*On an IBM SP computer, use the ch_mpl device.
The MPICH source distribution includes all these devices. Choose the one that best fits your environment when you configure and build MPICH.
When configuring MPICH, you must ensure that the MPICH library maintains all of the information that TotalView requires. This means that you must use the -enable-debug option with the MPICH configure command. (Versions earlier than 1.2 used the --debug option.)
More information on debugging MPICH applications
“MPICH Debugging Tips” in the Classic TotalView User Guide’s chapter “Debugging Strategies for Parallel Applications.”