TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License : Starting the License Manager Manually : Testing the License Manager
Testing the License Manager
To verify that you installed the license manager correctly, manually start it and then run TotalView —don’t do this as root. After the license manager starts, set the license file variable and test the license installation by typing:
TotalView should respond by displaying its Root window. If it isn’t displayed, you should:
Look at the flexlm-version/license.log log file. This file contains status and error messages from the lmgrd license server.
Use the flexlm-version/platform/bin/lmstat command, which lists license manager activity. For example, to list the number of licenses that are currently checked out on a sun5 platform, type:
cd /usr/local/toolworks/flexlm-version/sun5/bin
 ./lmstat -a -c ../../license.dat