TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License : Starting the License Manager When the System Boots
Starting the License Manager When the System Boots
Most of our customer want the license manager to automatically start when the license server boots. Do this by adding the toolworks_init command (see "Starting the License Manager Manually") to the appropriate system start-up file. (Ask your system manager where this should go.) On most systems, you should also automatically stop the license manager when the system shuts down to single-user mode.
You can edit your startup files by running the Configure_Autostart shell script, which must be run as root. For example, if the license manager software is in the /usr/local/toolworks directory, run Configure_Autostart using the following commands. (Before entering these commands, use the su shell command to become the root user or use the sudo command to directly invoke the following program.)
cd /usr/local/toolworks/flexlm-version/bin
Configure_Autostart prompts you with some configuration questions and then makes its changes.