Totalview® for HPC Reference Guide : PART I CLI Commands
PART I CLI Commands
This part of the reference guide describes the TotalView Command Line Interface (CLI).
Chapter 1, "CLI Command Summary"
Summarizes all CLI commands.
Chapter 2, "CLI Commands"
Describes all commands in the CLI’s unqualified (top-level) namespace. These are the commands that you use day-in and day-out, and those that are most often used interactively.
Chapter 3, "CLI Namespace Commands"
Describes commands found in the TV:: namespace. These commands are seldom used interactively, as they are most often used in scripts.
Chapter 4, "Batch Debugging Using tvscript"
Discusses how to create batch scripts that run TotalView unattended.
Chapter 5, "TotalView Variables"
Describes all TotalView variables, including those uses to set GUI behaviors. These variables reside in three namespaces: unqualified (top-level), TV:: and TV::GUI. For the most part, you set these variables to alter TotalView behaviors.
Chapter 6, "Creating Type Transformations"
Discusses how to customize data display using CLI routines. This is useful if you do not wish to see all the members of a class or structure or would like to alter the way TotalView displays these elements.