Totalview® for HPC Reference Guide : PART I CLI Commands : Chapter 6 Creating Type Transformations
Chapter 6 Creating Type Transformations
The Type Transformation Facility (TTF) lets you define the way TotalView displays aggregate data. Aggregate data is simply a collection of data elements from within one class or structure. These elements can also be other aggregated elements. In most cases, you will create transformations that model data that your program stores in an array- or list-like way. You can also transform arrays of structures.
This chapter describes the TTF. It presents information on how you create your own. Creating transformations can be quite complicated. This chapter looks at transformations for which TotalView can automatically create an addressing expression.
The chapter also describes C++View (CV), a facility that allows you to format program data in a more useful or meaningful form than the concrete representation that you see in TotalView when you inspect data in a running program.
Topics in this chapter are:
"Why Type Transformations"
"Creating Structure and Class Transformations"