Totalview® for HPC Reference Guide : PART I CLI Commands : Chapter 4 Batch Debugging Using tvscript
Chapter 4 Batch Debugging Using tvscript
Batch debug programs by starting TotalView using the tvscript command, which allows TotalView to run unattended. If you invoke tvscript using cron, you can schedule debugging for a certain time, for instance in the evening, so reports are available in the morning.
To perform complex actions, use a script file, which can contain CLI and Tcl commands.
Here, for example, is how tvscript is invoked on a program:
tvscript \
-create_actionpoint "method1=>display_backtrace -show_arguments" \ -create_actionpoint "method2#37=>display_backtrace \ -show_locals -level 1" \ -display_specifiers "noshow_pid,noshow_tid" \ -maxruntime "00:00:30" \ filterapp -a 20
You can also execute MPI programs using tvscript. Here is a small example:
tvscript -mpi "Open MP" -tasks 4 \
-create_actionpoint \
"hello.c#14=>display_backtrace" \
This chapter discusses tvscript command-line options.