Examining Data
Examining data is, of course, a primary focus of any debugging process. TotalView provides multiple tools to examine, display, and edit data.
You can quickly view data local to the selected call stack frame from within the Local Variables view. You can drill down by clicking on the left arrow to view compound data structures. To watch a variable’s value change while the program runs, add it to the Data View where it remains even when no longer in scope.
In both the Local Variables view and the Data View, you can drill down on compound variables by clicking on the arrows to open and observe the data structures.
Add variables to the Data View where you can create expressions, cast data to another type, and perform other data-related tasks.
This section discusses viewing variables in the Local Variables view, and then using the Data View to look at global and compound data.
NOTE: These procedures on examining data can be performed independently of the tasks in other sections in this chapter, but you must first load the program (Load the Program to Debug).