TotalView 2022.2
This help set features of TotalView’s new modern UI. See the user guide for concept information and tutorials. See the Reference Guide for CLI commands, options, variables, transformations, and system requirements.
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New in TotalView 2022.2
TotalView 2022.2 includes the following primary new or updated features. For a complete change history for TotalView, MemoryScape and ReplayEngine, see the TotalView Change Log on the TotalView documentation page on the website.
Data Debugging Improvements Using Dive Stacks
The Data View now includes support for navigating a dive stack of expressions when diving through data structures in the Data View. Navigating up and down the stack allows easy traversal through the data structure, streamlining workflows to focus on your data. See more.
dprint Command Timeout Option
The CLI dprint command has a new timeout option to define the maximum number of seconds the command should run. See more.
Shared Libraries Using Build IDs for Better Performance
Build IDs rather than checksums can now verify shared libraries loaded by parallel processes across a cluster of nodes, resulting in faster processing.This behavior is controlled by new variableTV::check_unique_id. See more.
Platform Updates
*Operating systems:
Fedora 35 and Ubuntu 22.04, preliminary support. Full support should come in 2022.3.
Intel oneAPI 2022
CUDA 11.6 and 11.7
Upgraded to the latest version to eliminate CVE security vulnerabilities in the previous version.