Reverse Connection Environment Variables
TotalView supports two special reverse-connection specific environment variables:
The environment variable TV_REVERSE_CONNECT_DIR identifies the directory where the request and response files will be written and read.
The default location is the user’s $HOME/.totalview/connect directory.
To customize the location for your reverse connection files, set this environment variable before starting tvconnect and TotalView:
setenv TV_REVERSE_CONNECT_DIR /home/tv-reverse-connect/tmp
Reverse Connection Directory Requirements
The directory that will contain the generated reverse connect files must:
*Be owned by the same user that is running the tvconnect process and the TotalView client.
*Have permissions that allow access only by the user. No "Group" or "Other" permissions are allowed.
By default, tvconnect creates the connect directory with the following permissions:
>ls -l ~/.totalview/
total 80
drwx------ 2 smith tss 4096 Jul 23 12:11 connect
The environment variable TVCONNECT_OPTIONS supports the ability to add extra arguments to the tvconnect command. One such option might be -ipv6_support, which adds support for IPv6 addresses. For example:
setenv TVCONNECT_OPTIONS="-ipv6_support"
tvconnect ~/tx_hello
or just:
env TVCONNECT_OPTIONS="-ipv6_support" tvconnect ~/tx_hello