The Basics
What is TotalView
TotalView is a source- and machine-level debugger for multi-process, multi-threaded programs. Its wide range of tools provides ways to analyze, organize, and test programs, making it easy to isolate and identify problems in individual threads and processes in programs of great complexity.
It includes two primary interfaces: the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Command Line Interface (CLI) running within an xterm-like window for typing commands. Generally, the GUI provides tools and displays data in a way that is easy to work with and understand, and is the recommended way to use TotalView. However, the two interfaces complement one another and can be used simultaneously, providing the most complete approach to debugging as well as access to the power of all TotalView’s tools.
Shipped Examples
TotalView ships with several examples that illustrate many of its features. These examples are located in your TotalView installation directory at installdir/toolworks/totalview.version/platform/examples/. You can load these examples into TotalView at startup and explore how it works.
TotalView provides TotalView user and reference guides, as well as MemoryScape and ReplayEngine user guides. In addition, context-sensitive help launches when you click the Help button while using TotalView (and is also available directly from the shipped html documentation under “In-Product Help.”)
More Information
For more information on the documentation set, conventions used in the documentation, and contact information, see the Resources section of the User Guide.