CLI Initialization and Termination Commands
These commands initialize and terminate the CLI session, and add processes to CLI control:
*dattach: Brings one or more processes currently executing in the normal runtime environment (that is, outside TotalView) under TotalView control.
*ddetach:Detaches TotalView from a process.
*ddlopen: Dynamically loads shared object libraries.
*dgroups: Manipulates and manages groups.
*dkill:Kills existing user processes, leaving debugging information in place.
*dload:Loads debugging information about the program into TotalView and prepares it for execution.
*drerun: Restarts a process.
*drun: Starts or restarts the execution of user processes under control of the CLI.
*dsession: Loads a session into TotalView.
*exit, quit:Exits from TotalView, ending the debugging session.