Restarts processes
drerun [ cmd_args ] [ in_operation ] [ out_operations ] [ error_operations ]
The arguments to be used for restarting a process.
Names the file from which the CLI reads input.
< infile
Reads from infile instead of stdin. infile indicates a file from which the launched process reads information.
Names the file to which the CLI writes output. In the following, outfile indicates the file into which the launched processes writes information.
> outfile
Sends output to outfile instead of stdout.
>& outfile
Sends output and error messages to outfile instead of stdout and stderr.
>>& outfile
Appends output and error messages to outfile.
>> outfile
Appends output to outfile.
Names the file to which the CLI writes error output. In the following, errfile indicates the file into which the launched processes writes error information.
2> errfile
Sends error messages to errfile instead of stderr.
Appends error messages to errfile.
The drerun command restarts the process that is in the current focus set from its beginning. The drerun command uses the arguments stored in the ARGS(dpmid) and ARGS_DEFAULT variables. These are set every time you run the process with different arguments. Consequently, if you do not specify the arguments that the CLI uses when restarting the process, it uses the arguments you used when the CLI previously ran the process. (See drunfor more information.)
The drerun command differs from the drun command in that:
*If you do not specify an argument, the drerun command uses the default values. In contrast, the drun command clears the argument list for the program. This means that you cannot use an empty argument list with the drerun command to tell the CLI to restart a process and expect that it does not use any arguments.
*If the process already exists, the drun command does not restart it. (If you must use the drun command, you must first kill the process.) In contrast, the drerun command kills and then restarts the process.
The arguments to this command are similar to the arguments used in the Bourne shell.
Issues When Using Starter Programs
Starter programs such as poe or aprun and the CLI can interfere with one another because each believes that it owns stdin. Because the starter program is trying to manage stdin on behalf of your processes, it continually reads from stdin, acquiring all characters that it sees. This means that the CLI never sees these characters. If your target process does not use stdin, you can use the -stdinmode noneoption. Unfortunately, this option is incompatible with poe -cmdfileoption that is used when specifying -pgmmodel mpmd.
If you encounter these problems, try redirecting stdin within the CLI; for example:
drun < in.txt
Command alias 
Restarts processes
Reruns the current process. Because it doesn’t use arguments, the process restarts using its previous values.
rr -firstArg an_argument -aSecondArg a_second_argument
Reruns the current process. The CLI does not use the process’s default arguments because replacement arguments exist.
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