Root Window
Root Window Pages
The Root Window contains a list of all the processes and threads you are currently debugging. Diving into a process or thread by double-clicking or using the View > Dive command opens a window for the selected process. If a window already exists for that process, TotalView brings it to the front. Each process is shown with a short summary of its state.
Related Topics
Viewing Remote Processes
When debugging a remote process, the Root Window (and Process Window) display the host name on which the process is running. In Figure 1, the process is running only on localhost. This figure also describes the contents of the columns in this window.
Figure 1 Root Window on a single host
Figure 1 illustrates a two-process job. At the highest level, processes are grouped by the selections in the right Configure pane. The individual groupings are then sorted in ascending order ("Members") by the debugger's process ID.
*Configure: Show or hide the configuration panel on the right using the Configure button or the View > Show Configure Panel menu item.
*Persistence: The selected groupings and their relative order are automatically saved across TotalView sessions. To revert to the default order, press Reset.
*Expand/Collapse All: Minimize or fully expand the entire tree with View > Expand All and View > Collapse All.
*Copy/Select All: To copy data to an external program, use the clipboard: Select one or more rows using your computer’s keyboard shortcuts, or select Edit > Select All, and copy to the clipboard using Edit > Copy.