Managing Sessions
TotalView saves the settings for each of your previously-entered debugging sessions, available in the Manage Debugging Sessions window of the Sessions Manager. Here, you can edit, duplicate or delete sessions as well as start a session and create new sessions.
You can also edit and create new sessions from any Sessions Window. See Editing a Previous Session.
Access the Manage Sessions window, either from the Start Page by clicking View All to see all your sessions, or from File > Manage Sessions.
Figure 30, Accessing Manage Sessions from the Start Page
Figure 31, Accessing Manage Sessions from the File Menu
The Manage Sessions window launches listing all the sessions you have created.
Figure 32, The Manage Sessions window
Use the Manage Sessions window to:
*Display data about a session by selecting the session.
*Search for a session by entering a keyword in the search field.
*Rename a session by double-clicking on it and entering a new name.
*Load a session by clicking Load Session, which immediately opens that session in TotalView.
*Edit, delete and duplicate sessionsusing either the context-menu accessed by right-clicking on a session or the icons in the top toolbar:
Table 1: Manage Sessions Icons
Creates a new debugging session, opening a drop-down menu for selecting:
*Create a new Program Session
*Set up an Attach Session
*Create a session to load a Core or Replay Recording File
Duplicates a session, naming it "<Session Name>Copy". You can rename and then edit this session.
Edits a session, launching the appropriate window to change the session’s configuration, either Program Session, Parallel Session, Attach to running programs, or Core or Replay Recording Session.
Deletes a session.