TotalView 2022.1
This help set features of TotalView’s new modern UI. See the user guide for concept information and tutorials. See the Reference Guide for CLI commands, options, variables, transformations, and system requirements.
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New in TotalView 2022.1
TotalView 2022.1 includes the following primary new or updated features. For a complete change history for TotalView, MemoryScape and ReplayEngine, see the TotalView Change Log on the TotalView documentation page on the website.
macOS Monterey Support
This release adds support for Apple’s latest version of macOS 12, Monterey.
Memory Debugging Block Notify
This release adds the ability to watch a specific allocated memory block and raise an event when it gets freed or deleted. This is useful when a specific block of memory is freed, but your program accesses the memory later through a dangling pointer reference. At this point, the memory may or may not still contain valid data and typically results in sporadic crashes or data problems in your program.
This feature is not yet covered in the product documentation, but detailed notes regarding its use are in the 2022.1 Release Notes.
Platform Updates
*GCC 11
*Operating systems:
*macOS Monterey (12)
*Fedora 34
*CUDA 11.4 and 11.5