TotalView Student
TotalView Student is installed via an installation script downloaded from the Rogue Wave FTP site.
You will receive an entitlement code via email which you will use during the installation process.
1. Download the installation files using standard FTP commands at
The download will include four files: documentation, release notes, an installation script, and a checksum file to verify the download. The installation script is a .sh file. On the macOS, a .dmg file is also included. Note that macOS can run either file.
2. Run the installation script which will guide you through getting a license, and installing TotalView:
Provide the entitlement code when prompted. The install program automatically determines your machine’s host ID, verifies the entitlement code, generates a Student Express license file, and installs it on your machine.
When TotalView loads a debug target program, it finds and automatically uses the node-locked license file placed on your machine by the installer.