Starting a Reverse Connect Session
1. Run the tvconnect command on a “back-end” compute node. This node does not need access to X libraries to launch a UI. Provide as an argument the program to debug. For example, at its most simple:
tvconnect /home/totalview/tests/myTest
This command creates a request file in the user’s $HOME/.totalview/connect directory. The file contains all the information needed to launch a debugging session on a “front-end” where TotalView is installed with UI capabilities. The request includes such things as the remote host name, the IP address, the user’s home directory, and other information required to launch the debugging session.
This command then blocks waiting for a response.
2. Start TotalView with no arguments on the server where you will perform debugging:
When TotalView launches, it automatically listens for reverse connection requests, briefly displaying a notice:
NOTE: TotalView automatically listens for connections at launch only when invoked without specifying a debug target. If lTotalView starts debugging a different program, it does not automatically listen for reverse connections.
If one or more requests are found, it then launches a pop-up to confirm that you want to accept the reverse debugging request:
If you select “No,” the back-end tvconnect stops waiting and exits with the following error message:
“Reverse connect request was rejected.”
If you select “Yes,” your program to debug launches in the usual way, and you can start your debugging session.
Note that the UI displays the node where TotalView is running in parenthesis in the title bar: