Display Settings
*Appearance: light or dark theme
*User Interface Style: new UI or Classic
*Font Size: small to extra large
NOTE: These preference settings require a restart.
Figure 90, Preferences: Display Settings
*Light: Light-colored-background with dark text
*Dark: Dark-colored background with light text
NOTE: This setting is overridden if you provide the option -theme light/dark when starting TotalView.
User Interface Style
*New Interface: Modern, dockable style user interface with improved low to medium scale multi-process and multi-thread dynamic analysis and debugging.
*Classic Interface: Traditional, dedicated window for very high-scale multi-process dynamic analysis and debugging.
NOTE: The User Interface Style preference is ignored if you start TotalView using the command line option -newUI or have set the TVNEWUI environment variable.
Font Size
Adjust the slider to change the font size for the UI from small to extra large. The default is medium.