Sun MPI Applications
TotalView can debug a Sun MPI program and can display Sun MPI message queues. This section describes how to perform job startup and job attach operations.
To start a Sun MPI application:
1. Enter the following command:
totalview mprun [ totalview_args ] -a [ mpi_args ]
For example:
totalview mprun -g blue -a -np 4 /usr/bin/mpi/conn.x
totalviewcli mprun [ totalview_args ] -a [ mpi_args ]
When the TotalView Process Window appears, select the Go button.-
dfocus p dgo
TotalView may display a dialog box with the following text:
Process mprun is a parallel job. Do you want to stop
the job now?
2. If you compiled using the -g option, click Yes to display your source in the Source pane. All processes are halted.