Fortran 90 User-Defined Types
A Fortran 90 user-defined type is similar to a C structure. TotalView displays a user-defined type as type(name), the syntax used in Fortran 90 to create a user-defined type.
For example, the following code fragment defines two user types, foo and bar:
type foo
integer ifoo
end type foo
type bar
integer mdarray(2,3,4,5)
end type bar
And this code creates variables of these types, one a simple type, one an 20-dimensional array, and one a pointer:
type (bar), target :: just_a_bar
type (foo), dimension(20), target :: foo_array
type (foo), pointer, dimension(:) :: foo_p
TotalView displays these in the Local Variables view, which you can then add to the Data View if you wish to create expressions or cast a type:
Figure 56, Fortran User-Defined Types