Examples of Using the CLI
The CLI is a command-line debugger that is completely integrated with TotalView. You can use it and never use the TotalView GUI, or you can use it and the GUI simultaneously. Because the CLI is embedded in a Tcl interpreter, you can also create debugging functions that exactly meet your needs. When you do this, you can use these functions in the same way that you use TotalView’ built-in CLI commands.
This section contains macros that show how the CLI programmatically interacts with your program and with TotalView. Reading examples without bothering too much about details gives you an appreciation for what the CLI can do and how you can use it. With a basic knowledge of Tcl, you can make full use of all CLI features.
In each macro in this chapter, all Tcl commands that are unique to the CLI are displayed in bold. These macros perform the following tasks: