More on Action Points Using the CLI
The CLI provides access to all action point features using the command line view.
Creating Barrier Points, Evalpoints, and Watchpoints
*A breakpoint stops execution of processes and threads that reach it. See Breakpoints.
*An evalpoint executes a code fragment when it is reached. See Evalpoints.
*An watchpoint monitors a location in memory and stops execution when a provided condition is met. See Watchpoints.
*A barrier point synchronizes a set of threads or processes at a location. See Barrier Points.
Identifying Icons for All Types of Action Points
In the Action Points view, evalpoints, barrier points and watchpoints created in the CLI display as , , and icons.
In the Source view, evalpoints and barrier points show up as line numbers with the same colors, for example, identifies an evalpoint. Watchpoints do not appear in the Source view because they represent memory locations, not lines in the code.
In the Action Points view, these action points look like this: