Managing and Diving on Action Points
The Action Points view contains the following columns:
*Enable toggle: Checkbox that enables or disables the breakpoint.
*ID: The Action Point ID. Use this ID when you need to refer to the action point. Like process and thread identifiers, action point identifiers are assigned numbers as they are created. The ID of the first action point created is 1; the second ID is 2, and so on. These numbers are never reused during a debugging session.
*Type: The type of Action Point, in this case breakpoint.
*Stop: The Action Point’s width, i.e. its scope or what it should stop: all threads in the process, all threads in all processes in the group, or just the first thread to reach the breakpoint. The default is Process.
*File: The source file in which the breakpoint is set.
*Line: The line at which the breakpoint is set in the source file.