macOS Installations
Installing TotalView on a Mac comes with some prerequisites.
Installation Prerequisites
1. Install XQuartz.
TotalView requires that XQuartz be installed on the machine where TotalView is running.
2. Make sure every user who might need to debug is in the _developer group.
3. Optional: Enable developer mode:
Enter: DevToolsSecurity -enable.
4. Optional: Remove the authorization prompt:
Enter: sudo security authorizationdb write system.privilege.taskport allow.
Running the install script should not yield any errors. If errors occur, see Troubleshooting macOS Installations in the Reference Guide for information.
Running Multiple Displays
If you are running TotalView on multiple displays, it is recommended to uncheck Displays have separate Spaces under the Mission Control preference. This avoids potential display problems in which the TotalView UI could appear partially out of the display.