Starting the CLI in a Terminal Window
In the GUI, the Command Line view represents a command window with the CLI enabled.
In a terminal window, you start the CLI by typing totalviewcli (assuming that the TotalView binary directory is in your path.)
If you have problems entering and editing commands, it might be because you have invoked the CLI from a shell or process that manipulates your stty settings. You can eliminate these problems if you use the stty sane CLI command. (If the sane option isn’t available, you have to change values individually.)
If you start the CLI with the totalviewcli command, you can use all of the command-line options that you can use when starting TotalView, except those that have to do with the GUI. (In some cases, TotalView displays an error message if you try. In others, it just ignores what you did.)
Information on command-line options is in the "TotalView Command Syntax" chapter of the TotalView Reference Guide.