Installing tvheap_mr.a on AIX
NOTE: Installing tvheap_mr.a on AIX requires that the system have the bos.adt.syscalls System Calls Application Toolkit page installed.
You must install the tvheap_mr.a library on each node on which you plan to run the agent.The aix_install_ ­ script contains most of the required setup, and is located in this directory:
For example, after you become root, enter the following commands:
cd toolworks/totalview.1.0.0-0/rs6000/lib
mkdir /usr/local/tvheap_mr \
./ ./tvheap_mr.tar \
Use poe to create tvheap_mr.a on multiple nodes.
The pathname for the tvheap_mr.a library must be the same on each node. This means that you cannot install this library on a shared file system. Instead, you must install it on a file system that is private to the node. For example, because /usr/local is usually accessible only from the node on which it is installed, you might want to install it there.
NOTE: The tvheap_mr.a library depends heavily on the exact version of libc.a that is installed on a node. If libc.a changes, you must recreate tvheap_mr.a by re-executing the script.
If this malloc replacement library changes (which is infrequent) you’ll need to rerun this procedure. Any change will be noted among a release’s new features.