Executing at Group Width
Executing at group width depends on whether the group of interest (GOI) is a process group or a thread group.
*Process group—TotalView examines the group and identifies which of its processes has a thread stopped at the same location as the thread of interest (TOI) (i.e. a matching process). TotalView runs these matching processes until one of their threads arrives at the goal. At that point, TotalView stops the thread’s process. The command finishes when it has stopped all matching processes.
*Thread group—TotalView runs all processes in the control group. However, as each thread arrives at the goal, TotalView stops only that thread; the rest of the threads in the same process continue executing. The command finishes when all threads in the GOI arrive at the goal. When the command finishes, TotalView stops all processes in the control group.
TotalView doesn’t wait for threads that are not in the same share group as the TOI, since they are executing different code and can never arrive at the goal.