Fortran Intrinsics
TotalView supports some Fortran intrinsics. You can use these supported intrinsics as elements in expressions. The classification of these intrinsics into groups is that contained within Chapter 13 of the Fortran 95 Handbook, by Jeanne C. Adams, et al., published by the MIT Press.
TotalView does not support the evaluation of expressions involving complex variables (other than as the arguments for real or aimag). In addition, we do not support function versions. For example, you cannot use dcos (the double-precision version of cos).
The supported intrinsics are:
*Bit Computation functions: btest, iand, ibclr, ibset, ieor, ior, and not.
*Conversion, Null and Transfer functions: achar, aimag, char, dble, iachar, ichar, int, and real.
*Inquiry and Numeric Manipulation Functions: bit_size.
*Numeric Computation functions: acos, asin, atan, atan2, ceiling, cos, cosh, exp, floor, log, log10, pow, sin, sinh, sqrt, tan, and tanh.
Complex arguments to these functions are not supported. In addition, on MacIntosh and AIX, the log10, ceiling, and floor intrinsics are not supported.
The following are not supported:
*Array functions
*Character computation functions.
*Intrinsic subroutines
If you statically link your program, you can only use intrinsics that are linked into your code. In addition, if your operating system is Mac OS X, AIX, or Linux/Power, you can only use math intrinsics in expressions if you directly linked them into your program. The ** operator uses the pow function. Consequently, it too must either be used within your program or directly linked. In addition, ceiling and log10 are not supported on these three platforms.