Open MPI Applications
Open MPI is an open source implementation of both the MPI-1 and MPI-2 documents that combines some aspects of four different (and now no longer under active development) MPI implementations: FT-MPI from the University of Tennessee, LA-MPI from Los Alamos National Laboratory, LAM/MPI from Indiana University, and PACX-MPI from the University of Stuttgart.
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Debug an Open MPI program similarly to most MPI programs, using the following syntax if TotalView is in your path:
mpirun -tv args prog prog_args
As an alternative, you can invoke TotalView on mpirun.
totalview -args mpirun args ./prog
For example, to start TotalView on a four-process MPI program:
totalview -args mpirun -np 4 ./mpi_program
Alternatively, use the Session Manager’s Parallel Session dialog (accessed via Process > Modify Arguments) to enter the parallel session details in the UI.