Using Command Arguments
The default command arguments for a process are stored in the ARGS(num) variable, where num is the CLI ID for the process. If you don’t set the ARGS(num) variable for a process, the CLI uses the value stored in the ARGS_DEFAULT variable. TotalView sets the ARGS_DEFAULT variable when you use the -a option when starting the CLI or the GUI.
The-a option passes everything that follows on the command line to the program.
For example:
totalviewcli -a argument-1, argument-2, ...
To set (or clear) the default arguments for a process, you can use the dset (or dunset) command to modify the ARGS() variables directly, or you can start the process with the drun command. For example, the following clears the default argument list for process 2:
dunset ARGS(2)
The next time process 2 is started, the CLI uses the arguments contained in ARGS_DEFAULT.
You can also use the dunset command to clear the ARGS_DEFAULT variable; for example:
All commands (except the drun command) that can create a process—including the dgo, drerun, dcont, dstep, and dnext commands—pass the default arguments to the new process. The drun command differs in that it replaces the default arguments for the process with the arguments that are passed to it.