Debugging Memory Problems with MemoryScape
Debugging Memory Problems with MemoryScape
The topics in this help file are:
"Add Core File"
"Add Memory Debugging File"
"Add New Program"
"Add New Program (Parallel)"
"Add Programs to Your MemoryScape Session"
"Attach to a Running Program"
"Block Properties"
"Configure Process Signal Actions"
"Corrupted Memory Report"
"Enter Block Address"
"Event Reports"
"Export Memory Data"
"File > Preferences (Memory Debugging)"
"File > Preferences (Remote Debugging)"
"File > Search Path"
"Filters: Add & Edit"
"Create Heap Status Reports"
"Create Leak Detection Report"
"Create Reports"
"Generating ..."
"Heap Status Graphical Report"
"Heap Status Backtrace Report"
"Heap Status Source Report"
"Leak Detection Backtrace Report"
"Leak Detection Source Report"
"Manage Processes and Files"
"Memory Comparison Report"
"Memory Debugging Data Filters"
"Memory Debugging Options: Advanced"
"Memory Debugging Options: Basic"
"Memory Debugging Session"
"Memory Event Notification"
"Memory Usage Chart Report"
"Memory Usage Library Report"
"Memory Usage Process Report"
"Process Event: About to Exit"
"Process Event by Event"
"Process Event by Process"
"Process Properties"
"Program Created"
"Red Zones: Customizing"
"Red Zones: Restricting"
"Save Report"
"Select Processes To Use For The Report"
"Select Processes"
"Window > Duplicate"