Debugging Memory Problems with MemoryScape : File > Preferences (Remote Debugging)
File > Preferences (Remote Debugging)
Use this dialog box to set MemoryScape remote debugging preferences.
Move your cursor over the graphic to obtain help.
Selecting an option lets you change which preference you can set.
Launch String
Names the server launch string MemoryScape uses when it launches a tvdsvr process on a remote host. The tvdsvr is discussed beneath this screen. In almost all cases, you do not need to alter what is entered here. If you do, you’ll need to understand what these launch string characters mean. For this information, see tvdsvr Replacement Characters.
Launch Timeout
Indicates the amount of time that MemoryScape waits for a tvdsvr to start on a remote system. This is the time for each process in your program. For example, 16 process MPI program could launch a tvdsvr process on each of the 16 nodes upon which it is running. The cumulative time in this case could be 480 seconds.
Help area
MemoryScape displays information about the control that you are about to select.
When a program being examined is not executing on the same system as the one from which you started MemoryScape, MemoryScape starts a light-weight program on that system. This program is the TotalView Debugger Server, or tvdsvr. tvdvr most often acts as a communications conduit between your program and MemoryScape. For example, when MemoryScape wants to halt a remote program’s execution, it sends a message to tvdsvr telling it to stop your program. It can also send and receive messages from the MemoryScape agent. For example, the agent could send information to tvdsvr that causes your program to stop if it detects a problem in how your program is using the malloc library.