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TotalView Built-in Functions
TotalView has two built-in functions that can help you set search paths. Both take a string argument and return a mapped string (MS). If the MS does not name a directory, nothing is searched.
If the MS names a directory, TotalView searches all the directories contained in the MS, including the MS itself.
If the MS names a directory and the file is not in the MS, or the file is in the MS but is not a symbolic link, nothing is returned.
Since you can have multiple levels of symbolic links, TotalView keeps following links until it finds the actual executable file. It then looks in this directory for your file. If the file is not there, TotalView backs up through the chain of links until either it finds the file or determines that it cannot find the file.
When you use one of these functions, you must delimit it with colons. Also, you cannot include one of these functions within the other.
You can find an example of how these functions are used by displaying the Search Path dialog box, which contains some default search strings.
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