TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Process Window Panes : Source Pane
Source Pane
Contains the source for the routine associated with the selected stack frame. The arrow in the left margin of the Source Pane indicates the location of the PC for that stack frame.
The Source Pane provides a unified view of source-line breakpoint boxes across all image files containing the source file. This means that any code that is dynamically loaded at runtime is integrated into the Source Pane’s display so that source code lines that are available for setting source-level breakpoints are visible once the code is loaded.
Set Breakpoints
To set a source-level breakpoint, select a boxed line number in the Source Pane. A boxed line number indicates that the line is associated with executable code:
A gray box denotes that TotalView has identified a single line number with executable code, i.e. a line number symbol.
A black box shows that multiple line number symbols have been identified.
No box, i.e., with no boxed number, indicates that TotalView cannot locate any line number symbols for that code and cannot set a breakpoint there.
When you click on a line number, a “Stop” icon appears under the cursor. To clear a breakpoint, click on the Stop icon. To set or alter an action point’s settings, either select the line, then choose the Action Point > Properties command, or right-click on the line and choose Properties from the context menu. Note that breakpoints apply to all threads in the process.
Dive on Functions or Variables
To view the source for a function or the contents for a variable whose name appears in the Source Pane, double-click on it or, after selecting it, use the View > Dive command. If you click on a function, TotalView shows the function in the source pane by replacing the information that was being shown. You can return the display to how it was previously by selecting the < indicator located to the right of the source pane.
If you click on a variable, information for the variable appears in a separate window.