TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : View Menu Commands : View > Dive
View > Dive
Dives on the selected item. (Diving means either displaying the selected information in a window or change the display in this window.) The action that occurs depends upon which item is selected, as follows:
Stack Trace Pane
Selecting a routine performs a recursive dive operation; that is, it replaces the current contents with the source lines from the selected routine
Stack Frame Pane
Opens a Variable Window that contains information about the variable and its contents.
Source Pane
If a variable is selected, opens a Variable Window containing information about the variable and its contents. If the line contains a function or subroutine call, TotalView updates the Source Pane so that the line containing the routine is visible.
When you dive on a routine, a > indicator appears in the Source Pane’s title, indicating that TotalView has performed a nested dive operation. If you again dive, a second > indicator appears. Selecting the < icon to the right of the Source Pane’s title unwinds TotalView so that it displays a position it previously displayed.
Threads Tab
Selecting an entry performs a dive operation. That is, TotalView replaces the contents of the existing Process Window with information for the selected thread.
Processes/Ranks Tab
Clicking on a block changes the contents of the Source Pane to the first worker thread in the process.
Action Points Tab
Updates the Source Pane so that the line containing the action point is displayed.
In all cases, if the window already exists, TotalView just raises it to the top of the screen.
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